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“How to live a longer and healthier life” is something most of us want to know about. It is not enough just to live longer because without reasonable health a satisfying life is unlikely. Lack of information is not the problem – but being able to sort out what is relevant is challenging.

Here at YouCanLiveLonger we are excited about recent developments in longevity research. Some are convinced that in the near future we will be living to 150 years and beyond.

At YouCanLiveLonger we summarize and simplify the latest information on longevity and anti-aging to provide you with straightforward reports, research and recommendations We publish easy to read articles, relevant videos and give related links so you can study topics in more detail should you so wish. Checkout the News and Views (blog) section.

A further objective is to provide a forum for comment and discussion on any relevant topic. Perhaps you have suggestions as to what has worked for you, or have some inspirational story to tell. This can be done using the “Comments” box at the end of each article or by using the “Contact Us” form. We encourage you to share the materials we have written or collated via Twitter, Facebook or other media.

We are very keen for further input to our “Inspirational Elders” section. This might be a relative, friend or someone you know who has lived longer than most and has some advice or interesting life experiences to share. Photos are always great to have. Initially please make contact using the methods noted above. We are open to those who wish to contribute in any way.

About Longevity

We live in a time when dramatic developments are happening in longevity research. This new knowledge will give us the capability to live longer than our forebears could ever have imagined, as we take advantage of our ability to control our health and well-being. Changes in life expectancy may also have profound affects on just about everything including employment, relationships, the economy, family and even religion.

Change is often difficult not only for societies, but for us as individuals.

Our Approach

It is one thing to know what the latest research tells us about how we need to live a longer and healthier life. Lifestyle changes are always difficult though, so we will be bringing you news articles and ideas which are sensible, targeted and achievable.

To live longer good nutrition is essential. Diets need to be appropriate for the country, culture, stage of life and even family traditions. To live longer, appropriate nutrition is essential to giving yourself the best chance of avoiding life threatening illnesses. We will be making some recommendations.

Exercise: how to live a longer and healthier lifeAnother key lifestyle issue is fitness, which will not only make you stronger, but is also important in avoidance of disease. The fact is, most people don’t like to exercise and to do so requires some reprogramming of the mind and a change of habits.

What is needed is an achievable exercise program and one that doesn’t cost the earth to join or maintain. Exercise is also valuable in dealing with stress. It is also important to live a balanced life, making time for family, friends and career as well as yourself.

Taking anti-aging supplements is a lot easier than dieting and fitness. However finding the products which are the best value for money is hard. What we have done and will continue to do, is to seek out products worldwide which have a good foundation in research. We find supplements where the purest ingredients are used and all the ingredients are published. We are interested in companies which have a quick and personalized response to questions. We are impressed with companies which are not defensive about competing products.

How to live longer and healthier life is relevant to everyone whether young or not so young, but it can be difficult not to get swamped in information overload. We hope in a small way, to be able to help.

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About the Webmaster

Welcome to this interactive site where together we can explore topics around how to live a longer and healthier life.

Input is welcomed on this site, which includes a section dedicated to what I call “Inspirational Elders” – those who have survived the odds and reached into their 90’s and 100’s. There will also be reviews and links to helpful products and useful activities.

 Murray Stanley has a long background in counseling, education, and information technology. Over his lifetime he has developed an appreciation for those who have outlived the average lifespan , which has lead to researching the keys to a longer (and healthier) life. He is also interested in futurism, as well as current breakthrough developments in science and technology.