Research in Longevity can take you along lots of highways and biways

Back in 2012 I read an article in Time Magazine with the forceful headline:

Want to Live Longer? Don’t Try Caloric Restriction – The latest research on caloric restrictions shows that near-starvation diets may not be the Fountain of Youth.

The article went on to comment:

Published in the journal Nature, the results suggest that dramatically cutting back on daily calories — by 30% — does not help monkeys to live longer than those who ate normally. The restriction did help older monkeys to lower their levels of triglycerides, a risk factor for heart disease, but otherwise conferred no significant health or longevity benefit.

BUT, just this month an article in the University of Wisconsin news and based on research at that university, had the headline:

Monkey caloric restriction study shows big benefit; contradicts earlier study

The latest results from a 25-year study of diet and aging in monkeys shows a significant reduction in mortality and in age-associated diseases among those with calorie-restricted diets.

This all goes to point out how research is always ongoing and what is clear at one time can be overturned later. Having said that, the argument made in the article above is strong and well worth a read.


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