Everyone wants to live longer and we spend a lot of money trying to find the secrets to living a longer life. We buy potions, pills, creams and exercise equipment – all in an effort to maintain or regain our youth. I have many uncles and aunts over 80 years old. Even though I will soon be 70 I still work and play (almost) like I did many years ago.

Man of exercycle illustrating fitness for a longer lifeThere are too many books on How to Live Longer but there are some simple recipes for living a successful long life.

First and foremost – Plan on it. Just that simple. Plan on it. Dream about the future no matter what terrible things lay in your past. No matter what has happened in the past, dream about tomorrow. You can’t change yesterday but you CAN change tomorrow.

LISTEN: Your future STOPS when you stop planning your future! Did you get that? Your future STOPS when you stop planning your future!! God only knows how long I will live but I’m having a ball planning my future.

Always think about tomorrow and you won’t lose sight of today. Start planning your future today!! Throw yourself into your passion. Learn everything, go everywhere, meet everyone.