The Fountain of Youth – then

How to live longer has been a goal of mankind since earliest times. Some sought a quick solution to living longer in the legendary Fountain of Youth which reputedly restored the youth of anyone who drank of its waters. These waters were also spoken of among indigenous peoples of the Caribbean during the Age of Exploration and one story  tells of a Spanish explorer who  was searching for the Fountain of Youth when he called in to what is now named Florida in the early 16th century. Since then, the source of  has been often associated with Florida.

The Fountain of Youth?

Fountain of Youth

So if you live in Florida, perhaps you have a slight advantage!  Certainly those living in earlier centuries would be amazed at the numbers of active men and women today who are in their 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and even 100’s.  With improved diet, healthcare and safety, we have found ways to live a longer and healthier life. Our improved life span is worth celebrating and taking every opportunity to maximize what we can do personally to live longer and improve the quality of our lives.

Fountain of Youth now?

A more modern version of the Fountain of Youth is in the film Cocoon (1985).  In this movie a group of retirees break into a large estate and go for a swim in the beautiful swimming pool there. Afterwards, they discover they are physically younger.  The house was earlier rented by a group of aliens and the pool was used for growing their young in “cocoons”.  The agreement was that as long as the retirees left the cocoons alone, they were free to use the pool. Predictably the word got out and the pool overflowed because of the numbers of people wanting to get in. The aliens decided that this was a good time to leave, but offered to take some of the elderly residents with them.  When the aliens were asked if they would all live forever, the alien leader replied, “We don’t know what forever is.”

Dramatic rejuvenation on this scale remains a dream. Nevertheless, while reverse aging may seem a long way off, a longer life is certainly possible. And perhaps one day, a genuine “fountain of youth” may be discovered.

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