Old manHere are some tips to seem younger.  Yes, you can use plastic surgery, apply layers of make up, have hair replacement, undertake arduous fitness regimes and wear the youngest fashions.  However your behavior is a major indicator of how you are perceived.  The Four Tips to Seem Younger below will help more than all of the rest.

Move Quickly

As you get older it is easy to progressively start moving more and more slowly even though there is no physical issues. It can result from lack of motivation, having plenty of time on your hands, or just enjoying a slower pace.  But walking quicker can help to stimulate your brain by increasing the oxygen uptake, as well as to make you look as if you have a sense of purpose.  As they say, fake it until you make it.  This of course does not just refer to walking, but indeed all your movements – you will be amazed at the difference it make.

Talk Faster

Speech is another function which tends to slow up with time. It is unclear why this should be so, but it might relate to the fact that indeed  you do have more time. Speaking faster is one way to increase alertness and force the brain into quicker retrieval of ideas and information.

Be Relevant

As we get older and have more knowledge and experience it is easy to get into the habit of imposing all of that wisdom on others.  Answers to simple questions can go off into all kinds of highways and biways, often frustrating or even boring the younger listener. No doubt you do have some great stories to share, but mostly these are best if told succinctly and only when the listener is clearly interested and has the time to listen.  Many times I have seen others get into a long ramble while their listener is placing his or her hand on their watch, start to angle away from the conversation, or try to get a word in while the speaker seems totally oblivious to the situation.

Speak Energetically

Making an effort to put some of that youthful energy into your speaking can reap positive rewards. It is easy to drift off into a monotone (especially for men) and it just sounds like an early version robot. Put some punch into some key words and phrases and you will really notice the difference. Not just listeners will be more interested, but you will feel increased levels of energy as well.