A great sleep is essential for great health and longevity.

  • Do you toss and turn at night?
  • Does your mind race with events from yesterday and ideas for tomorrow?
  • Do you rely on prescription pills?

Kitten sleeping with open mouthThese issues and many more are common to millions of people worldwide. Ideally seven to eight hours a night is recommended. However the reality is that for many, they just do not get enough sleep. Requirements do vary somewhat from person to person, but to function effectively during the day you need to awaken well rested. If you struggle to get enough sleep try the following:

1. Get enough exercise during the day, and then have a wind down period for a couple of hours before sleep. Aerobic exercise is particularly beneficial because it releases endorphins and helps relieve stress.

2. Make going to bed at the same time a habit. You may need to organize this with your partner or other family members. A happier you will be a reward for them.

3. Eating the wrong foods or eating and drinking too close to bedtime can be an issue. Avoid caffeine and alcohol from early evening onwards. Overeating is not helpful and it is better to eat smaller amounts more often. On the other hand, it is not a great idea to go to bed hungry either.

4. Make sure you check with your doctor to ensure that any medications you are taking don’t interfere with your sleep. It may be possible to get a lower dose or change when and how the medications are taken. If you have severe insomnia check out whether or not you have sleep apnea while you are at the doctors.

5. Restrict bedroom activities to sleep and sex. Keep the television out of the bedroom because for some people programs with high activity levels can disrupt sleep. A notebook beside the bed can be very helpful to note down random thoughts and ideas you can review in the morning.

6. Give attention to your personal comfort. A comfortable mattress, a well made bed and clean sheets can be helpful. For some, sleeping on their left side and then when they feel drowsy moving onto the right has worked, and becomes a ritual.

7. Use a soothing period into sleep. This could be reading for some, for others prayer or mediation are effective. Another approach is to work methodically through relaxing every part of your body, from toes to fingertips.

8. Use natural alternatives to sleeping pills. These might take a while to bring about a significant difference, but the good ones are gentle on the stomach and bring a gentle improvement to disturbed sleep patterns. We especially recommend Neuro Natural Sleep.

9. It is not uncommon to wake up during the night so try not to stress about it. Listening to the radio (with earphones) can be relaxing. Best to keep to quiet and classical music though. Some find talkback radio so boring they drift off very quickly!

10. A good night’s sleep does not stand on its own but may reflect other issues in your live. It is essential to lower stress by working towards a more balanced life. You may have to say “No!” to avoid over committing yourself.

Longevity experts agree that for health and longevity a good sleep is an important factor.  For a new habit to become engrained it takes about three weeks, but the benefits are well worth it.

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