As an anti-aging supplement, is  resveratrol proven?

Grapes are the source of the anti-aging supplement resveratrol.
There are many products which people think make a difference to longevity. But for an anti-aging supplement there is one compound which has gained masses of public attention. This compound is resveratrol which is naturally found in the skins of red grapes,red wine, mulberries and even peanuts.The research

It has been discovered in a research program, that high doses of resveratrol protected mice from the ill effects of a high fat diet such as diabetes and heart disease. This result was encouraging, because scientists already knew that resveratrol could extend the life spans of worms, yeast, flies and fish.

It seemed likely that the same effects could also be true for larger animals. Research on aged mice showed that with resveratrol, mice performed a lot better on endurance tests, providing hope that resveratrol was going to be effective in prolonging life in humans.

How does it work?

Resveratrol affects enzymes which are known to be involved in the proven method of life extension known as caloric restriction (CR). CR involves eating about a third less calories than normal but without malnutrition. It has been shown in various studies that CR does help to give a longer life to rodents and helps delay the onset of diseases in them, such as cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. In one study it was shown that monkeys on a restricted diet showed better overall health and had a lower mortality than the control group.


Right now, it looks like resveratrol might be very useful if it indeed mimics the effects of caloric restriction – and without having to go on a diet! There are many users who are convinced that resveratrol has made a significant difference to their health and there are many testimonials. However it is not until further research has been done will we know for sure whether this compound is going to be all that is hoped for. Hopefully resveratrol will be helpful in promoting not just longer life, but an increased quality of life for the elderly.

Our understanding is that resveratrol is yet to be proven as a miracle anti-aging supplement but the signs certainly look promising. It is well worth using, but as part of a balanced multivitamin supplement – ideally one that is customized according to your gender – male or female.