image of an inspirational elder who is 101

An excellent vintage

She is keen to live longer! Yesterday we held a party for my mother in law who has just turned 101. She is truly amazing.  Sometimes I just watch her, sitting in an armchair in the corner invariably reading her way through a newspaper or magazine – and without glasses. She reads everything and anything from cover to cover and will talk sensibly about what she has been reading.

Sure, she has slowed down somewhat and walks slowly with the aid of a walking stick. We walk slowly behind her and have a little smile watching her. Whenever anyone is going anywhere she is keen to go, even if it means hours of travel. She rarely misses church on Sunday and sometimes goes to other meetings as well.

At times recently, she forgets who people are, yet can carry on a good conversation and ask relevant questions.  The other day she went to a local school and answered questions from the children and had a photo taken with each one of them.

She puts her longevity down to hard work and God blessing her so she can enjoy her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. By the time most people had left the party, she was still awake and chirpy, more than most of the rest of us!  Truly an inspiration. She is certainly one to live longer and seems like she will go on for ever.