Living longer and working longer go hand in hand according to research.

When does old age start?

In many countries an older worker is still defined by government agencies as someone over the age of 40.  But most of us in the western world don’t think that way (unless we are teenagers!) and realize that we are all living longer.  There can be the impression that older workers are a drag on society using up precious resources. Some think that senior citizens hinder younger people from gaining employment.

The case for employing older workers

The fact is though, that those who remain productively employed are more likely to stay fit and healthy.  This means a lower usage of heath care than would otherwise be the case.  There will always be some slowing down once people get into their 60’s. However older workers have been shown to have lower rates of absenteeism and a stronger work ethic. They are also less likely to have accidents at work than their young co-workers.
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